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adSage is a leading China digital advertising agency focusing on performance and social media marketing. With a strong technology background...
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A tailored service offering, backed by more than 17 years of in-market experience and the power of data. Home to over four billion people, t...
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We talked about what SEO agencies are and how they work. But how exactly do they go about getting increased visibility for customers in organic search?

Firstly, there are many common tactics and actions between different SEO agencies. The ability to perform these tasks and levels of efficiency, however, may differ.

Below we detail some of the things your SEO agency should work on during the campaign:

Every business -whether it's a local SEO agency or an e-commerce SEO agency- works differently and every campaign is also unique. So there are a lot of variables at play. That said, many tactics are similar from agency to agency and campaign to campaign. So we've put together an overview of what an SEO agency does and some key questions to ask:

Research and analyze your website and your target market

  • How well is your website currently performing?
  • What is working well for competitors in your industry?
  • What keywords are you targeting?
  • What are the reasonable results to expect given your SEO budget?

Make on-page SEO changes

  • Are page titles and meta descriptions optimized?
  • Is the content of your website clear, concise, and optimized for SEO?
  • Do you talk about your services and your added values using the right language?
  • Are the pages optimized for the right keywords and themes?

Make off-page-SEO modifications

  • Does your website generate links and mentions on the web?
  • Is your server configuration working properly?
  • What is the speed of your website?
  • Is your website secure and does it provide a good UX?

Provide clear communication and frequent updates

  • How often will you get SEO reports?
  • What is included in SEO reports?
  • What are your campaign goals?
  • How does your SEO agency regularly keep up to date with business developments?

Create content or work directly with someone who is

  • What content opportunities exist for your site?
  • What type of content works best for your target market?
  • How can we ensure content is SEO friendly?
  • Does the content of the website contain strong calls to action?

Carry out experiments and tests

  • How can we use data to make decisions?
  • What key phrases drive visitors to action?
  • What are the new/upcoming areas of opportunity?

These six areas provide an overview of key focal points for many SEO agencies and some questions you should discuss with your SEO partner regularly.

Here is our list of reasons why you should hire an SEO agency:

  • You will benefit from the knowledge of an expert
  • You can reach various channels through an SEO agency
  • You will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business
  • You will have a competitive sector strategy
  • You will inherit new ideas
  • Everything will be measured
  • All that is left for you to do is to wait and enjoy the results

SEO is the non-paid -known as “organic- work of increasing your website visitors through search engine results.

In other words:

It is the name given to all the work done to make websites perform better in search engines.

SEO is the abbreviated form of the words Search Engine Optimization. The goal is for websites to rank better on the search engine results page (SERP).

With SEO, you can increase the performance of your website and reach more visitors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will act on a site's organic traffic, that is to say, the traffic coming from the natural and non-sponsored results of the search engines. Thus, we oppose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). In SEA, companies will have to pay in the form of auctions to position themselves on certain keywords. Let's get back to this complex art of natural referencing! Google, for example, uses 200 criteria to rank websites in its results pages or SERPs. Understanding how search engines work, knowing the 200 criteria, and being on the lookout for the latest updates or filters that can impact a website's positioning is a real thing. It is the SEO consultant or web referencer who takes on this role. Any SEO consultant must know the basics of natural referencing, that is to say, the three pillars of SEO!

Every SEO agency is unique, but worthwhile companies have a similar goal: to help your business grow. At the end of the day, an SEO agency's job is to partner with you to generate leads, phone calls, visits to your stores, purchases, and more. through research.

Much like you hire an accountant to streamline and improve your books or a cleaning company to clean the office every week, partnering with an SEO agency means you're connecting with an agency whose goal is to improve your search engine visibility. of research.

Let’s say you run a rental car business in Hamburg, Germany. You are an expert in cars. You spend your day talking about cars in general

*SEO car company

You want to find more potential customers for your business and hear from your customers that they are finding local rental car companies through search engines like Google.

Taking the time to learn, implement and adjust an SEO campaign is not an option for you. So you find a reliable and reputable SEO agency to help you manage your web presence in search engines.

A few months later, your site begins to appear at the top of Google results for searches such as “Rental cars in Hamburg, Germany” and “Rental cars near me“. A beautiful partnership was born! You're busier than ever with leads from search engines.

By partnering with a quality SEO agency, you get the expertise to generate more business from organic searches. The thing about working with an SEO agency is that organic (unpaid) search traffic in Google tends to produce very high-quality leads.

The beauty of SEO is that your marketing efforts allow designated customers to find you online. Most marketing channels require businesses to deliver their message to thousands of customers, hoping that a small percentage of them will be qualified leads.

SEO works in the opposite direction: it makes it easier for people to search for and find your business when searching online. By nature, leads generated by the organic search are self-qualified. This means people already received the product or service that you are looking for.

For a company, it becomes obvious in 2023 to have a website. You also need to employ an SEO strategy to drive the right kind of traffic to your website and increase the chances of your business ranking on search engines.

So, here are three ways how SEO can help your business expand:

1.  Improve your online visibility

 When websites first go live, search engines don't automatically pick them up. This is because web pages should have high-quality, keyword-rich content. Google also favors authoritative and trustworthy websites. Fortunately, SEO tactics ensure that your website is properly structured so that it gets seen and builds recognition, allowing your business to climb the ladder of success.

2.  Connect local consumers to your business

 They do local searches to find nearby businesses. Fortunately, if your website uses SEO correctly, consumers are likely to see it in the top search results. Indeed, SEO is a strategy that levels the playing field between large and small businesses. Websites that contain popular keywords will always rank favorably on Google and other search engines. Research shows that around 92% of internet users will select a business on the first page of the results.

3.  Makes your business stand out among your competitors

 Although most large, well-established companies have a strong online presence, you can still put your business forward if you adopt a long-term SEO plan. Search engine optimization experts understand Google's algorithms and know the changes that can occur. It is therefore in your interest to turn to professionals who know how to use SEO to drive organic traffic to websites. But when potential contacts visit a page, what they want to see is a well-designed layout. This means that web design is just as important as SEO. Integrate both strategies and your business will continue to grow.

The best SEO agencies can cost between $600 and $4000 per month. This price depends on your services, your service plans, and your agency. Your company, for example, may spend more than this amount due to your particular needs.

1.Benefit from expertise to improve the existing

It is quite possible to do SEO optimizations yourself. But to ensure a successful strategy, working with professionals is the most effective solution. Thanks to their expertise, they will be able to provide a solution to the problems you encounter, in particular low traffic… The experts in natural referencing will analyze your site and make personalized recommendations. You will have a tailor-made service, which adapts to the constraints of your sector of activity! Collaborating with SEO experts is therefore the guarantee of increasing your traffic, your acquisition of leads, and therefore transforming prospects into customers.


2.Improve its positioning thanks to mastered referencing techniques

Entrusting your SEO strategy to a specialized company means benefiting from expert analysis. They apply proven methods that will guarantee results. The SEO expert will apply a relevant methodology to boost your natural referencing. So he will proceed to:


The SEO audit: This first step is crucial because it will define the content of the following steps. It is during the SEO audit that the consultant will make an inventory to see the strengths and weaknesses of the website.


Competition analysis: The agency will analyze the SEO parameters of your main competitors. It will be able to tell you, among other things, on which words and expressions your competitors are positioned and why they appear in front of you on Google's SERPs.


Keyword research: Using powerful tools, your service provider will take the time to find the words and expressions that best reflect the needs of your prospects. This step is crucial because it is what will allow you to generate traffic and convert your prospects.


On-site optimization: your service provider will give you a list of points to improve concerning your markup, your H1s, your meta descriptions, or your ALT image tags. She will also give you advice on how to improve your internal networking and your backlinks.


Off-site optimization: To position yourself at the top of the SERPs of the Google search engine, on-site optimization is not enough. The SEO team will go beyond these criteria by offering you off-site recommendations. She will recommend a suitable linking strategy. This can take different forms. For example, it can select influencer blogs to make your backlinks. It can also make links in directories or forums. It will ensure a high-performance and natural backlink profile in the eyes of the Google search engine.


Content writing: The quality of content is an important element for Google. Thus, it is advisable to produce qualitative content regularly. This will be a means of loyalty for your readers and a good process to improve traffic on your site.


Monitoring and improving SEO actions: Natural referencing does not stop once the strategy has been applied. SEO requires regular monitoring and actions to face competition. Natural referencing is done continuously to improve the visibility and notoriety of the site. All of this is done in part through

net-linking campaigns.

Beijing, The Best SEO Agency List

Name Description Type
adSage Corporation
adSage is a leading China digital advertising agency focusing on performance and social media marketing. With a strong technology background and over 8 years of client servicing experience, the company has grown to be the most integrated digital marketing company servicing clients looking to enter the China market. It provides certified professional services including: PPC, SEM, SEO, Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Custom Software Projects and Website Localization. adSage is the official partners with Baidu, Qihoo 360, Tencent and others.Read more... SEO Agency
WPIC Marketing + Technologies
A tailored service offering, backed by more than 17 years of in-market experience and the power of data. Home to over four billion people, the Asia-Pacific region boasts one of the most powerful markets on the planet. Ensure your organization is positioned to fully realize the opportunity that APAC presents. WPIC provides the building blocks and tools that organizations need to activate their business in the world’s most important marketplaces. Having deployed more than 550 brands across China and Japan, and with more than 17 years of on-the-ground experience, WPIC is at the forefront of Asia’s consumer revolution. With a full-service offering that can be tailored for any organization across dozens of sectors, lean on WPIC to act as your trusted partner in the world’s biggest markets. Trust WPIC to provide a three-dimensional blueprint of Asia’s consumer markets. Then, lean on those insights to drive revenue, while mitigating risk.  Read more... SEO Agency
Dragon Trail International
At Dragon Trail International, we value creative brilliance, technical excellence, constant innovation and impeccable service. Founded in 2009 by travel and tech industry veterans, we develop customized solutions to do business with China and expand beyond it, delivering the efficiency and scale companies need to compete across borders and in the world's most valuable consumer market. SEO Agency

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adSage Corporation $50,000+

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